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Gemlux Outrigger Triple Rigging Kit



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Triple Outrigger Rigger Kit Includes: 100 yards of 400lb (UV Stable) Outrigger Line, 2.0mm Aluminum Crimps, Blacks Release Clips, Blacks Ball Stops, 200lb Ball Bearing Snap Swivels, Teaser Rings, Triple GEMLOX with Heavy Duty Custom Rope.

PLEASE NOTE: Double Kits are for 18’ poles and Triple Kits are for 22’ poles. Each kit rigs a pair of poles. 

Gemlux Rigging Kits come complete with some of the most popular components in the fishing industry. From crimps to clips, our kits include everything that they use to rig our own outriggers.

They use a proprietary line that is UV resistant to make your rigging seasons last longer. They designed the all-new patent-pending GEMLOX halyard system to work better for longer. The swivels are stainless steel ball-bearing. Only top-of-the-line components were used in putting these kits together because you shouldn't have to worry about anything but catching fish while you are on the water.

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