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About Us


USP Marine was founded in early 2018 – spawning from a passion for offshore boating and speed. With over 20 years of performance-based engine experience, we strive to provide performance solutions for the everyday boater. From there we quickly realized the need for expert technical knowledge paired with the boating industry's leading brands. This technical knowledge lends itself into every single product in our catalog. There isn't a product we sell, that we would not run on our own boats.


With multiple warehouses across the country, USP Marine maintains some of the countries top selling marine electronics, navigation, lighting, speakers, and more for your boat! Founded in the footsteps of our automotive company, USP Motorsports, we continue to be a leader in fulfillment and customer support. Our South Florida location provides as a hub for new product design, research, and production --while providing one day shipping times to most locations inside Florida. we understand what it takes not only to make power, but to maintain factory reliability. Alike USP Marine, USP Motorsports develops all parts in-house and provides performance products for car owners across the globe.


We grew from the ground up, meaning the passion came before the business. There isn't a We frequent with racing events including bimini starts, poker runs, fishing tournaments, road racing, quarter mile, half mile, and standing mile events. We enjoy this stuff as much as you guys, and our passion shows through your first experience with us.