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Gemlux Fly Shade for Outriggers



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Introducing our "Fly" shade working in conjunction with all of our outrigger systems. This shade takes seconds to put up and allows for shade in the front or back of your boat. The shade is easy to put away and store in a small space on your boat. This shade comes with two eye straps (part number 1475), to adhere to your T-Top for the shade to attach to.

Gemlux designed all aft-mounted shades to be usable at cruising speeds of 20-25mph.  Although experience in the field has shown that they can be reliable at much higher speeds, please understand that with higher speed comes higher stress on all components and is likely to shorten your shade system's service life. Shades mounted forward of the T-Top are intended primarily for use when moored or at idle speeds below 10 mph.

Feel like relaxing at the sandbar with family or friends on a hot summer day? With The Gemlux® Shade and just a few clips to your outriggers, your boat transforms from the ultimate fishing machine to the ultimate shade machine.

The Gemlux® Shade can be attached to cover the aft of your boat, or even the bow by rotating your outriggers forward. No longer will your crew have to huddle under the T-Top to escape the sun on a hot day. It’s perfect for getting sanctuary from the sun while kicking back at the sandbar or deep dropping for daytime swordfish.

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