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USP Marine Tuning Ultimate Performance Kit for 135-300 Verado Engines

USP Marine Tuning


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NOTICE: This is a Race-only product. The use or installation of this product outside of the intended closed circuit racing purpose may be illegal under the Federal Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. § 7522(A)(3)).

The ultimate performance package for your Mercury Verado 135-300 Verado engines. If you are serious about consistent performance, this is the kit for you. Tackle common boost leak issues, provide clean air to your induction/supercharged engine system, and add refined performance sound with the USP Marine Tuning Essential Performance Kit for 135-300 Verado Engines. Bundled with our most popular products: USP Marine Tuning Boost Pipe, USP Marine Tuning High Flow Fuel Filter, and USP Marine Tuning Intake Pipe -- Save up to 15% when buying this kit compared to buying parts individually.

Kit includes: 

(1) USP Marine Tuning MAX+ Performance Top Cowling For Verado L6 Engines

This replaces factory part # 885354T01. The USP Marine MAX+ Performance Top Cowling sets the bar for Verado engine styling + performance. Manufactured in the USA, we utilize motorsports-inspired injection molding to create a durable, yet light material for your outboard engine. We scanned the Verado engine cowling to provide laser accurate fitment. Manufactured using extremely strong material known for its light-weight, superior durability, and impact resistance - making it perfect to withstand the hazards of daily boating + fishing.

(1) USP Marine Tuning High-Flow Air Intake Pipe For Verado 135-300

Replaces factory part #: 892383001. USP Marine is pleased to present our motorsports-inspired new USP Marine High Flow Air Intake Pipe for the 135-300 I4/L6 Verado engines. Following similar design elements as our 350-400 intake pipe, we added an additional CNC coupler on the filter side to provide venturi-like flow for the intake tract. The USP Marine High Flow Intake Pipe provides a significant flow increase (even more than the 350/400!) while refining the performance supercharged sound we all love! The system includes a variety of changes over the factory system for maximum performance, longevity, and peace of mind combating the evil “boost leak”. Compatible with the factory piping, we utilize CNC adapters to minimize air disruption during the hose connection surface. The factory plastic resonator piping sports a restrictive design, which also is prone to cracking over time. Our intake pipe replaces the OEM piping with 4-ply wire reinforced silicone piping, as used in our 1000HP turbo kits for USP Motorsports. All clamps are spec 316 Stainless, the marine standard for corrosion resistance. The silicone piping not only holds up better, but our design provides +30% CFM over the factory. The flow difference provides an increased throttle response and improves intake air temperature during WOT throttle applications.
The USP Marine High Flow Air Intake Pipe for Verado Engines pairs well with our USP Marine Cowling High-Performance Air Dam for Verado Engines. These additions to your outboard provide a refined performance sound that many love on + off the water. Though the Mercury Verado is the quietest outboard on the market, they also are the most powerful. Boat owners nowadays are looking for that “sporty” addition to their outboard engines.
(1) USP Marine Tuning Boost Pipe Kit For Verado 135-300

Replaces factory part #'s (893307A01, 893307A01, 896259, 896271, 887938003). The factory boost pipe is constructed of plastic and is extremely narrow resulting in an airflow restriction. Being that the 135-300HP engines do not have water-cooled superchargers, the fitment is different compared to our 350-400 Boost Pipe Kit. The USP Marine pipe is constructed out of mandrel bent 2.5" aluminum tubing with 4 ply stepped silicone couplers. We also included the damage-prone factory replacement coupler, connecting the boost valve to the intake manifold. We have seen countless factory couplers damaged and causing pesky boost leaks that are very hard to diagnose. By utilizing the boost pipe kit and included coupler, the kit will allow for maximum airflow and that extra insurance policy knowing you will never have a leak. The piping is powder coated with a wrinkle black durable finish for an OEM+ look.

(1) USP Marine Tuning Billet Aluminum High-Flow Fuel Filter Kit For Verado Engines

Replaces factory part # Quicksilver 879885Q. A proper fuel filter is an important part of any fuel system. They are in place to provide a barrier for potential debris and contaminants before they reach the injectors. After carrying boxes of the plastic OEM in-line filters (Quicksilver 879885Q) for trips offshore, we decided to make a change. Made from billet aluminum, the USP Marine Billet In-Line High Flow Fuel Filters are built to withstand the harsh marine environment. Crafted with the same engineering we use in the car world, the filters also provide optimum flow for performance applications.


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