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USP Marine Tuning Wilwood Clutch Pedal Kit for Verado Engines

USP Marine Tuning


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Includes TH Marine Hot Foot Kit + USP Marine Tuning Wilwood Clutch Pedal Kit w/ DTS Harness for Mercury Verado Engines. Engineering for all 1.60:1, 1.75:1, and 1.85:1 lower units by Mercury Marine + Mercury Racing.  

Drive your boat like you do your old hot rod Corvette! USP Marine Tuning has revolutionized performance boating once again, alongside industry partner Wilwood systems. Gone are the days of getting beat at the line or getting beat from a rolling start. Paired with the one and only HOT FOOT™ throttle - our clutch kit keeps you ahead of the competition. 

Why A Clutch Pedal Kit On Your Boat?

  • Provides ability to launch from 0 mph or at a rolling start on the water. Providing you extra acceleration compared to a non-clutched boat.
  • Improved docking ability in close quarters with the ability to ease the boat in and out of gear smoothly. 

Wilwood offers a selection of forward and reverse mount brake and clutch pedal assemblies engineered to provide superior brake system performance and custom appeal. Designed for use with Wilwood's aluminum tandem or composite master cylinders, Wilwood brake/clutch pedal assemblies are made from lightweight aluminum and are designed for easy mounting and smooth, reliable operation.

Select versions include Wilwood's Tru-Bar pedals that utilize a fixed trunnion bearing in the pedal arm, with spherical rod-end bearing pushrod attachments. They provide the ultimate in precision, control, and adjustment of brake bias on race-prepped vehicles.

All Wilwood pedal assemblies feature comfortable ergonomics with non-slip footpads and a protective coating. They're available in a variety of sizes and styles.

April fools 2022 :) 

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