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Essential Bahamas Kit for Mercury 450R V8 Verado Engine

USP Marine


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After many phone calls of customers having common issues, the demand was high for a compact kit that can fit in a small compartment on your boat. 

At USP Marine, we have seen many failures happen which are very preventable or just a simple fix. When stuck on a island or in the middle of the ocean running home at 8 knots, it can make you feel helpless. With the amounts we spend on our boats and fuel, none of us want to deal with that. This is a insurance kit that will cover many of the common issues, therefore, keeping you and your family enjoying the water. 

We are proud to offer the 450R Bahamas kit in 3 options listed below. 

***Warning*** option 2 and 3 parts really should be done with the boat out of the water it's not impossible to change these parts backed up to a sand bar but you could if had to. ( I would haha) along with tools included in the kit you must have a set of common tools and a qualified person to handles these repairs. 

 Option 1- No fuel pump or shift actuator (1449.00)

 Option 2- FSM "Fuel pump" included on the drop down (2499.00)


 Option 3- Shift actuator located in the lower unit (2649.00)

 Currently no box large enough to fit option 2 and 3 combined.

Kit includes:

  • 1x Weatherproof/Shockproof hard case with cut outs 19x16x8
  • 1x OE Fuel injector
  • 1x OE Thermostat with clamp
  • 8x OE spark plugs 
  • 1x Spark plug socket (not common size)
  • 1x Supercharger belt 
  • 1x Supercharger tensioner roller
  • 1x HD prop hub
  • 1x OE alternator Belt
  • 1x 3/8" Special Tool for 02 sensor (must have to change this) 
  • 1x O2 sensor
  • 1x Isolator plate (common boost leak point) 
  • 1x Started solenoid
  • 1x Fuel pressure sensor 
  • FSM-Option 2
  • Shift actuator-Option 3

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