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Abyss Battery® Deep-Drop Electric Fishing Reel Battery

Abyss Battery


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The revolutionary new Abyss Battery® Deep-Drop Reel Battery is a lithium battery that plugs directly into any electric reel, giving fisherman the capability to fish longer without having excess wires laying on the deck of their boat. Fishing is often an intense and physically demanding hobby, but fishing with our nano-tech battery ensures your focus can stay in one place: reeling up that next big catch!

Equipped with a powerful 4 amp hour rating micro lithium charger for your car charger or wall outlet coil you can keep going all day, because it's easy to find extra minutes when you're properly equipped. They say little things make a huge difference...well get ready to strike gold for yourself!

Set contents: 9Ah Reel Battery / Battery Cover / Lithium Charger / Waterproof Pelican Carrying Case / Battery Reader / Extension cable connection chord

Warranty: 1-Year 


Size  L x W x H  2"x 2"x 7.5" in
Weight 1.6 lbs 730g


Electric Reel Dedicated Voltage:  14.8V
Battery Capacity:  10 Ah
Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60HZ 1.3A
Output Voltage: 16.8V 4A (3A)
Charging Time: - 1.2 Hours 3000mAh - 1.5H / 2300mAh 


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