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Carbon Fiber Accent Overlays for Mercury Gen 1 (Design 2) DTS Multi-Engine Control Throttle

Koshi Marine


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Looking to change up your dash look and get away from the dated look of chrome? 

These carbon fiber accent overlays are what you need! They fit right over the existing 4 chrome parts on your multi engine gen 1 (Design 2)  throttles. Very easy to install with a few dabs of super glue or clear silicone.


  • Prepreg Carbon Fiber material (Using Delta-Preg, the exact same supplier of FERRARI and LAMBORGHINI)
  • Cured with Autoclave technology (140°C – 6 bar)
  • Quality control guaranteed for precise fit
  • Designed to cover the OEM – original part (0.6mm thickness also very resistant)
  • Stylish and carefully designed.
  • Installation Difficulty: Easy (Plug & Play fitment)

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