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Fortress Guardian G-5 Anchor (2.5LB)
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Fortress Guardian G-5 Anchor (2.5LB)

Fortress Marine Anchors


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Fortress Guardian G-5 Anchor (2.5LB)

The Guardian is the Safer, More Affordable Alternative to Heavy Steel Anchors

Boat Length: 12-16' / 4-5M
Weight: 3lbs / 1 kg


  • 32° (Hard Sand): 1,050lbs / 476kg
  • 32° (Soft Mud): 210lbs / 95kg
Benefiting from years of Fortress Anchor Research and Development, Guardian offers excellent quality, performance and economy. Guardian is made from the same high tensile, corrosion resistant aluminum magnesium alloy and manufacturing precision as Fortress.

The use of slightly smaller extrusion profiles and the elimination of some of Fortress' extra features, such as anodizing, adjustable fluke angles, and several machining steps has resulted in a very affordable alternative to those heavy, rust-prone steel anchors.

All Guardian Anchors feature Mud Palms designed to help the anchor set faster in any type of sea bottom. Mud Palms create a "lift" to the crown of the anchor, causing the flukes to point more directly to the seabed. This helps the anchor set faster ... in any bottom.

1 Year Replacement Warranty - Free replacement of any damaged anchor part for 1 year*

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