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POWr+ Abyss Battery® Extended Warranty Coverage - Abyss Battery
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ReCharge+ Extended Battery Warranty Coverage

Abyss Battery


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Extended Warranty 5-Year Free Replacement   After 5 years 50% Off a New Replacement For Life

Thank you for taking interest in the products we offer at Abyss Battery. Unlike other lithium battery companies, Abyss Battery offers additional support through the purchase of our Extended Warranty program. 

Enjoy 5 years of peace of mind when you buy ReCharge+ for your Battery. ReCharge+ for Abyss Battery extends your Free 3-Year Replacement coverage by 2+ additional years from your purchase date and adds one incident of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a service fee of $99 internal damage or external enclosure damage, plus applicable tax. In addition to a free battery replacement, you’ll get 24/7 priority access to our Battery experts by chat or phone and 50% off on a replacement battery for life.

One stop for support
  • 24/7 priority access to Battery experts by chat or phone.
  • Global repair coverage.
  • Onsite repair for Batteries: Request that a technician come to your work site.
  • Mail-in repair: Mail in your Battery using a prepaid shipping box provided by Abyss Battery.
  • Carry-in repair: Bring your Battery in to our Authorized Service Providers.

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