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Abyss Battery® 12V 240Ah Dual-Purpose Marine Lithium Battery

Abyss Battery


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The Abyss Battery® 12V 240Ah Dual-Purpose Lithium Marine Battery is a high capacity  Group 49 lithium iron phosphate battery engineered with the strongest 200A BMS rating of its class. This battery is equipped with built in Bluetooth® connectivity, which allows the user to wirelessly monitor battery health, operation status and troubleshoot diagnosticsOur dual purpose lithium battery is ideal for off-grid living, energy storage applications, starting generators, and large outboard or diesel motors. 

The module's inherent safety, extended cell life, and zero maintenance offers end users a more reliable battery alternative by performing with more than twice the run-time and <70% of the weight of similarly sized AGM batteries. Our integrated Battery Management System is designed to operate seamlessly with any application and manages all of the modules system parameters in real-time.

Design Features:

  • Higher qualified cylindrical cells 🔋

UL1642, IEC62619, IEC62133 listed with Cycle life more than 3000 times and excellent consistency.

    • Bluetooth® Connectivity 📲

    Monitor the battery status (charge, discharge, current, temperature, cycle life and so on) and change the data for different applications.

      • Built-in Heating ♨️
      Uniform internal heating is an important feature of our cold-weather performance batteries, as many external heating blanket options currently available cannot sense the internal temperature of the cells and may not be completely effective at heating the battery throughout. The system features proprietary technology that draws power from the charger itself, requiring no additional components. The entire process of heating and charging is completely seamless. Simply plug the battery into the regular lithium charger and the internal heating and monitoring system takes care of the rest.
      • More stable and firm internal structure ⚙️
      The cell holders within our battery protect and separate each cell to avoid any short circuit risks caused by intense vibration or impact. The separation and space created between each cell also improves the overall heat dissipation within the battery pack while charging and discharging.

      Abyss Battery® Group 49 Dual-Purpose Marine Lithium Battery Construction.




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