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NGK OEM Spark Plug for 175-450HP V6 (3.4L) & V8 (4.6L) Verado Engines (33-8M0135348)
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NGK OEM Spark Plug for 175-450HP V6 (3.4L) & V8 (4.6L) Verado Engines (33-8M0135348)



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Spark plugs are responsible for providing an ignition source inside your engine’s combustion chamber. Energy is transferred from the ignition coil to the plug which creates a spark igniting the air-fuel mixture. 

Our technicians and Mercury recommends replacement at the 300-hour service maintenance interval. 

  • NGK Fine Wire Platinum Tipped Center Electrode ensures higher durability, deliver slow wear rate, stable spark, superior anti-fouling, improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions
  • This spark plug meets Mercury Marine original equipment manufacturer specifications to best protect your engine and ensure its optimum performance
  • Check your engine owner’s manual for the correct spark plug and use only the plug as recommended by your engine’s original equipment manufacturer
  • NGK Trivalent metal plating also provides superior anti-corrosion in the marine environment and anti-seizing for easier removal
  • Longer service life with a copper core and ribbed suppressor seal for durability and performance

Sold as single spark plug

Manufacturer Part #: NGK LKAR7C-9

Direct Replacement for OEM Part #: 

  • 33-8M0135348
  • 8M0135348
  • 8M0204737
  • 8M0135348

Fits The Following Engines:

  • Mercury Verado V6 3.4L 175
  • Mercury Verado Pro XS V6 3.4L 175
  • Mercury Verado V6 3.4L 200
  • Mercury Verado SeaPro V6 3.4L 200
  • Mercury Verado Pro XS V8 4.6L 200
  • Mercury Verado V6 3.4L 225
  • Mercury Verado SeaPro V8 4.6L 225
  • Mercury Verado Pro XS V8 4.6L 225
  • Mercury Verado SeaPro V8 4.6L 250
  • Mercury Verado Pro XS V8 4.6L 250
  • Mercury Verado V8 4.6L 250
  • Mercury Verado V8 4.6L 300
  • Mercury Verado Pro XS V8 4.6L 300
  • Mercury Verado SeaPro V8 4.6L 300
  • Mercury Racing Verado V8 4.6L 250R
  • Mercury Racing Verado V8 4.6L 300R
  • Mercury Racing Verado V8 4.6L 450R

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